Trust us! Please trust Enbridge. What a trustworthy company Enbridge is. They are virtually begging us to see their environmental worth through their eyes.

Ok, so they’ve had a few mishaps. A little oil spill here, a big oil spill there. Nothing to be too concerned about because hey they’re learning from each of their mistakes.

The latest is a relatively small spill in a relatively rural area of Wisconsin. So this means it’s easier to contain. But who knows what will happen to the water table or the flora and fauna of the area. Sure you can spread some new topsoil, dig around hoping to get most of the oil, even plant some new pretty flowers, but it’s still an oil spill.

Enbridge is treating this as example of their care for the environment, with a quick response and a minor spill, at least in terms of barrels from the ruptured pipeline. Enbridge is treating as though it were a dry run for a larger spill, helping them learn how to best clean up their mistakes.

Heart warming.

And shouldn’t we all learn from their mistakes. What should we learn?

That we shouldn’t trust Enbridge – their pipelines already built, proposed pipelines (such as the Northern Gateway Pipeline), or their corporate mandate (remember they aren’t acting in the best interests of Canadians, not the best interests of our governments, but of their stock holders who only want to see profits rise). 

Not to mention their sickly sweet advertising campaign.

Not to mention their environmental track record, which is pretty oily, pretty ugly.

So what now Enbridge? Another spill is what Enbridge doesn’t need tarnishing their dim track record. The many disparate voices united against the Northern Gateway Pipeline in particular now has another example of an Enbridge accident to call for better environmental controls and a more stringent environmental analysis. 

Whatever Enbridge does now is superfluous. Another spill, and more questions raised. Will this stop Enbridge? Highly unlikely. But they can expect even stronger and larger protests against the inherently dangerous Northern Gateway Pipeline.

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