big news breaks in the wahington post (gotta be real newsworthy), google, and its sub-sites like the bastion of just how stupid people are, youtube, are going to track your internet searches.
this is not new. google, facebook, netflixx, to name 3, have already been doing this. creating search results likely to interest you. ever notice when you open youtube there's videos that you didn't look for but look like something you'd looked for.
the downside. your search results are censored, you don't get a full spectrum of news perspectives. will the government and big business get a hold of this, trace your virtual travels? umm...google isn't exactly your corner store where you buy licorice and lottery tickets.
is anyone naive enough to think this hasn't already been happening?
google is just copping to it while announcing that their various internet services will combine their tracking. an example? when i first got netflixx service, i watched a lot of film noir, alfred hitchcock, and  documentaries. what do you know - within 2 weeks, channels were created specifically for me. is that good service or something nefarious?
watch this ted talk from last march for a great explanation of this practice.

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