why bloggle at all
now that we've begun jack and hank's insane adventure, i thought just how do i drive this thing. so i googled on the matter and 
found many blogs dedicated to just about anything - dead pets, hated relatives, knew challenges in knitting and so on. the authors, many with lessthan a firm grip on english, seemed to be regular folks who wanted to say something. sometimes they received comments and a debate was begun. 

i thought blogging was like journalling in public, with more legible writing. what i quickly discovered looking at sites dedicated to tips for new bloggers, that's me, is that you can and apparently can make money doing this. that's like you paying $5 to read so my journal and crap i write there, which i don't advise. this idea really didn't interest me so i didn'T bother to get into how of it. 

but why stuck with me. have we really reached so far down that we will sell our thoughts to advertising for a bit of moola? what a sad condition. sure, you could point to tv or other media, saying it's already happening. but this is more personal. i don't have a copy editor or proofreader so you'll see the odd mistake, maybe big ones. i wonder if advertisers have some kind of content control.

i regret that i tried. ignorance is bliss.

rem for the last time

now that rem has disbanded, a chapter of my life has been closed. hank and i have a deep appreciation of their music, which was the music of me growing up. hank particularly enjoys 'west of the fields'. since he can't understand the lyrics, can't surf the 'net or read, he thinks it's about his home.

we've been listening to rem fairly steady over the past few weeks, a bit misty-eyed and wistful, although hank openly wept when he heard 'the one i love' (obviously hank doesn't have much luck with the lady buffaloes). it's awful seeing a buffalo weep, a lot of thick, gooey, get-me-a-bucket stuff involved.

rem's fine and exhilarating moments far outweigh the clunkers. i guess that's why you follow the band forabout 3 decades.... 

through the years michael stipe's lyrics and singing became much more accessible, his mumbling obtuse phrasing grew progressively more recognizable as words and sentences.  this, however, often didn't help in deciphering his lyrics. they sounded, on many songs, like stream of thought or just words and phrases he thought sounded good together, which i do sometimes so appreciate.

his writing could be silly and rather inane, listen to shiny happy people, but at times he really bared his soul. he begins the song 'you are the everything' with 'sometimes i feel that i can't even sing' and his singing was criticized in their early years. but songs like 'i'll take the rain' or 'nightswinning' or 'walk unafraid' are intimate and straight in the eye honest. 

when someone writes that way, which leaves the writer vunerable in a way, you either can't understand or feel a deep resonance, a vibration that lingers. i felt the latter many times and specific songs are firmly attached to certain periods or events.

he doesn't get enough credit for his lyrics that went much deeper than the words. i just wanted to say that as my final remark on rem. unless they reunite when i'll start heckling them. 

hmm...no room for hank's slide show. next time we gather.


10/08/2012 2:29am

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