A few days ago, I wrote about the disingenuous (to be  kind) advertising campaign that Enbrdige has launched to bolster support for  their controversial proposed pipeline through northern B.C. and Alberta. This  pastel pastiche of nonsense, features a pipeline travelling blissfully through country side and communities bringing prosperity and happiness to all.
Interestingly, there are two versions of this ad – one tailored to B.C. (where,  as expected, most of the opposition is) and another for national audiences.
Recently, an animated editorial by Dan Murphy appeared on the Vancouver Province website which added a element of potential reality that the ads don’t address. Watch both for fairness sake if nothing else.

First the original Enbridge dubbed A Path to Prosperity
Dan Murphy rebuttal which might be called A Path to Danger
Agree or disagree with one or the other. Do as you like. What is really appalling is that the Vancouver Province pulled the editorial and it is not to be found anywhere but on Rabble.ca or on YouTube. This was apparently a reaction to pressure from Enbridge and that leads me to think that pressure came in the form of loss of advertising dollars. Is this freedom of press in Canada? Make up your own mind but if Enbridge has the power to influence editorial policy it's damned ominous.

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