Words of power.
                     The power of words. The power of poetry.

   The Enpipe Line – a collection of poetry, some 70,000 kilometres long, of resistance to the Enbridge pipeline, 1,700 kill-ometres long. If built the pipeline will cut its way across Alberta and British Columbia so tarsands  oil, can be shipped overseas, so streams of pollution are unbroken. A collection from poets and from people who perhaps have never written a poem in their life. Each voicing with different eloquence and array of views their revulsion and resistance to this pipeline, “this boon to our economy.”

   What were the issues Canadian media covered on the weekend when I learned of this project. This from the Ottawa Citizen, Sunday, April 1. The first page, top of the fold, Justin Trudeau's farcical boxing fight with a photo covering at least 2/3s of the most seen part of the paper. From the opinion page, a long article entitled ‘There’s no democratic quick fix,’ which explains why we must proceed cautiously. Ironically, I would imagine that those involved in the Enpipe Line would agree with the title.

This is a quote from a poem by Steven Collis, Dear Goldcorp (1707.14 km) about as rough and true as you will read.

This is how the
Big boys do it:
Form a "carbon disclosure project"
A "biodiversity project"
Talk sustainability
But pollute the shit
Out of it
Move people and profits
Around like plastic Risk pieces...

own response 

A Line

Bisect this country, criss-cross it with veins that steal
harmony of animal, human lives with steely lines to move
the cruelist of oil. Pollute the reputation of this country.

Advertise this country to tourists as pristine, untouched.
Tour them down pipelines, let them gaze at barren mountains.
Then invite them back.

I urge you to learn more about the Enpipe Line project - read the poetry and out of fairness look at Enbridge's take on things. Tell, write, paint, resist - add to this 70,000 kilometre voice.

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