err...umm, hello, i suppose you're wondering what you're doing here. well,  the feeling's mutual, chum. i'd like to change the font but haven't mastered that trick. but other pressing matters need explaining.

first, i had to consider names thing. i thought, well i need an alias, a psuedonym. don't most blog people play wizard of oz, hiding behind a curtain of anonymity. is there some protocol? i struck a committee for the naming of things.. i was the only full-time member though a buffalo showed up to remind me that he needed a name. 

after some turmoil and yelling at myself because i wasn't listening to the point i was making, jack made all parties less unhappy. 'with a feather,' was  proposed and i and i passed it. we borrowed this from the indigenous people's custom that the person holding the talking feather speaks. this is my feather. i'll gladly pass it to you if you wish to comment.

with that resolved, oh the buffalo is now hank or more properly hank of the grassy meadow, i had to figure out what i'm supposed to do with this. stand on a soapbox things, or secret whispery things so we can pretend we're having an intimate, in-bed chat. they felt a.) too loud, boorish and b.) uncomfortable, a flimsy pretext to sustain before it becomes unintended self-mockery, spinal tap-ish.

so let me do this, which might help set a context, create the spirit or zeitgeist. (the german language has lent some magnificent words to english. zeitgeist, which sort of means the spirit of a time of place, is a favourite). anyway, this is it: 

Hold on world 'cause you don't know what's coming
Hold on world 'cause I'm not jumping off
Hold onto this boy a little longer

r.e.m. around the sun

don't misunderstand me, i have no illusions about what this little place will do but i think that chunk of lyric, sums up how things out there feel to me. a bit frantic. a bit chaotic..... 
like hydra. 9 heads each going in different directions at the same time. 

i think i'll just let this be what it wants to become as it grows up. perhaps it will become it will become microscopic, focussed. or maybe it will be like a fresh-caught fish. flip-floppimg around and  slippery. it might thrive, it might wither.

no matter which path it follows, i'm fine. amid the growing debate on mandates, rules and names in some occupy groups, the world doesn't need another manifesto adding to the cacophony of aimless energy. so i'll just carry on and uncover what needs to be discovered. oh, that sounds so vancouver...

to matters at hand, occupy this or that or me. i was partly inspired by what's going on in the world to build this unassuming virtual world. a place sanctified by some quiet thinking and mirror reflecting. like, as a kid, i used to hide under the bed. yeah, i realize the dichotomy of creating a public secret hiding spot but let's not be so logical.

occupy, preoccupy, sorry we're occupied come back later. well it sounds like a whole lot of people around the world are saying, not this time, we're here for an accounting. a morality audit. some talk about this as a revolution. some as a nuisance that will soon be over-written by other daily issues. like the demonstrations at the g-whatever conferences. the difference is that all these pockets of occupy are linking up mostly through facebook (which is so far removed from it was intended for, another topic, another day); no barricades or truncheons can stop the 'movement' from growing, crossing time zones, boundaries or borders. no single event is the catalyst but an accumulated amount of time and bad decisions made at the highest levels for the wrong reasons. it reminds me strongly of how and why punk music and its ethos demolished, then invigorated, the bloated and wasted music-scape about 3 decades ago (another topic, another day). yep, it's been that long since the sex pistols declared anarchy and so many great bands followed.

what do i think of this 'movement' that bounces between jabberwocky and profound? generally, it's about fucking time (sorry i breached my no swearing consideration already). this, from a virtual conversation, probably sums up the view from my window.

the virtual tidal wave of proper fair thinking will soon have you whimpering like a wounded animal, crying as your neo-right, let-em-starve-if-they-can't-get-a-job views are plucked away and we get some real democracy not the oblivi-ocracy that we have now, that is taking away from our ability to build a better country for our children. remember, my friend, you are not part of the 1% that gets 50-million$ golden handshakes from banks and huge corporations that are sucking us dry. you are part of the 99%, sorry to let you in on the joke, that aren't citizens anymore but taxpayers, not people anymore but consumers. big industry and government, which is just another badly run, but huge, company now, have a bottom line and we get the bottom of their $500 italian shoes in the ass. the bell is tolling for these boneheads who create wealth for themselves and the stockholders, not for the country aud certainly not average canadians.

yes, i was a bit riled up, i'm not usually so pedantic and ranting. well, i might rant a little. our conversation ended then - his little smily face icon vanished. but i'm tired of hearing people blame victims. people who have finally found a way to grab the attention of the astoundingly small cabal of immensely wealthy individuals and psuedo-industry types dressed like politicians - yeah i mean wham bam thank you ma'am obama - banking and other large industry navigators, like the automotive manufacturers who received unearthly bail-outs because they were drowning in their own fiscal cesspool, who are literally so tied into the american government that they dictate as legislation is written. if you want a frightening understanding of the BIG reason why the occupywallstreet group formed, find the film inside job, a fine documentary from last year about all this.

but i'm just saying is all. one last thing, if you stick around you'll probably notice a few musical references - to bands and songs, well-known and odd, because i've been pursuing good music for a long time and i have to do something with all these pieces of songs and trivia. 

and with that, and promising that posts this long won't always be this long 99% of the time.

see ya, jack and hank.


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