Canada is not led by the  Government of Canada anymore. Old news to some; a shock for others. 
The Prime Minister’s Office issued, in early March, a communique to specific departments to use the ‘Harper government’ rather than the Government of Canada.
The Toronto Star was among the first to make this public.
Canadians may not know or particularly care. But they should.
We’re in Harper country now.  The  ‘Harper government’ is officially in control. We only live in it, and pay taxes of course. 
The 'Harper government' is charmless and crass, but we’re stuck with it. This government is, at times, incredibly vigilant and slippery in not using Government of Canada. They haven’t axed the Government of Canada everywhere, but on important matters, you’ll be hard-pressed to find it.
A December 10th statement about
Attawapiskat is a fine demonstration of their linguistic
hopscotch. “Our Government”’ is used repeatedly; not a single reference to the Government of Canada. 
The ‘Harper government’ re-branding came to mind as I read a comment calling me a ‘leftist’ – what, that’s a bad thing? You can’t be a Canadian and leftist?
Damn Tommy Douglas and his leftist ideas, like universal medical care. 
You might ask, what’s wrong with the ‘Harper government?' He’s doing what politicians do, trumpeting their glory. 
Why is this any different from the 'Mulroney government' or the 'Chretien government?' For one, both of those partisan names were media creations, not the renaming of the government by the government.
The difference is immense and offers fundamental insight into how Harper thinks. What he thinks of the country and us. Conveniently, and like referring to Canadians as taxpayers not citizens, it also leaves those who need the most from government the farthest from  it.
The ‘Harper government’ rebranding is disrespectful. To all Canadians. His ego apparently comes before smart decision-making. It belittles Canada and our achievements.
It demonstrates the same arrogance the led to pulling out of the Kyoto Protocol. (Try finding that on the government website.) That led to the omnipresent crime bill that went through parliament with astounding speed for such sweeping legislation.
The ‘Harper government’ sends unsettling and disturbing messages. 
First, he is bigger than the country. He isn’t of the people who elected him. He is above us. (He was already above me because I’m, you know, a lefty) He’s wiser. We’re lucky to have him to guide us by the nose. 
He’s not wiser or very thoughtful if he believes the term “Harper government” will earn him respect or power. He’s more likely to find the opposite.  
No respect. No loyalty. In the end, no government.
Second, Harper’s ego gets in the way of good sense. He blatantly dishonours the country that has given him – I’ll say that again for the ‘rightists’’ out there – given him so much. Opportunities. The freedom of his beliefs, to speak them and become Prime Minister. He should be grateful, but that might be weak or human. 
Neither of which he wants. Except in those 250-dollar-per seats on Hockey Night In
Third, by removing Canada, his disdain for citizens, for prior governments and, even Canadian achievements, is evident. Hasn’t every country had a leader win the Nobel Peace Prize? What about those guys who developed penicillin and gave it to the public free? How about that
woman, that writer – Roy or Atwood?
Does Harper believe we have done so little that we should stop referring to Canada? Are we ‘harperians?’ Or is it a foolish ego-driven decision that achieves nothing? 
I think Harper is actually a proud Canadian. He should have considered that pride before taking this mis-step. It reflects the opposite. Obviously, his advisors, if he listens to them, all missed the many potentially negative repercussions.
The ‘Harper government,’ won’t inspire Canadians. It may just lead them to make an x in a different box when the next election comes.


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