wow, that steve harper, leader of harpsternation – he’s a bunch of fun. the party never stops with hip-hop-harper calling the tune. encouraging Canadians to swing hula-hoops of pride around their economically tight belts. or take a nice walk on the economically sound ground.

it’s all good. and he’s just getting started. so get ready.

his speech,
 to heavy economic thinkers in lovely, banker-friendly Switzerland, presumably, was aimed straight at the gut of Canada. first, though he had to brag that his Canada is doing swell amid this world of economic woe. 

look, look, world, over here, watch me dive! 

then – splash - just to be sure we’re still awake; he becomes grim and stolid, like a father who has to cut back on the kids’ allowance. and birthday’s won’t be the same this year - “sorry kids, but if we want to keep the lights on, you’ll have to give a something you like back.”

that we like? the Canada pension plan sounds good to me. but, it’ll be too expensive a few years from now. because, umm, because, well, more people will need it. don’t worry, we have time to plan.

‘feed me 65” sounds just as catchy as ‘freedom 55.” 

the party’s turning into a double kegger and a pig roast. our p.m. is keen to keep our lite-brites glowing. he sent his minister of fossil fuels to Calgary to let the big, blustery oil industry know how much we’ll help. because we need those tar sands to pump some gas. in the future, when we can’t afford to buy gas.

for good measure, joe oliver - subtle guy - calls environmental groups radical and foreign-funded. he ‘explains’ these denunciations by saying they’re trying to ‘hijack the system.’

hey joe, which system is that? the one with limited environmental rules that you’re dismantling. or the new ‘streamlined’ system that will limit the amount of environmental limits. i’m just guessing on that.

harper’s government isn’t fooling around with those radicals and environmental groups. among others. they’re ‘enemies of the government’ and ‘enemies of the people of Canada.’ 

everyone, to the dance at the House of Commons! harper’s ‘gonna turn this mother out.’ 

party on Canada.

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