...and what can I say? I can say that's a great song by the Clash. And I can say that, although the USA is the reigning world power, it - they - still manage to bore the hell out of me. 

Why? Predictability.

Everything is like a badly written script from a bad movie. Right now, I've had enough of the presidential campaign. 42 days more to go. 42 days of bad acting and bad writing and bad reporting. Yippee!

I don't know about other people outside of the US but the painstaking scrutiny that these two candidates (and why can't there ever be a legitimate  3rd or 4th candidate? And why do people have to register to vote?) is stunningly numbing. Such as, why did some candidate use this phrase or word? Where do all these so-call knowledgeable media experts crawl out from?

I try to follow this campaign with some degree of interest and consistency but it's completely boring and repetitive. Today's word of choice was choice. Seems one candidate (I won't say which - you have a 50/50 chance) first used the word choice in his campaign.

This is news? How? The whole premise of an election is choice. You weigh whatever options you have and vote. Which is really just another word for choose. You make a choice.

So Americans have to make a choice. And I have to make a choice. To pay attention because no matter who's elected America is still the biggest fucking bully on the block.

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