As I've gone along these last 3 months trying to ways to be kinder, I've learned a  few valuable lessons. 
One, kindness comes in many ways, shapes, forms and sizes. If you're a person who opens doors for others, that's a small kindness that adds to kindness in the world. 
Two, large gestures can give rise to skeptism and disbelief. But, simply because some people have yet to learn that kindness is two directions, I get as much from being kind, does not mean you stop. Which I almost did because I was so angry with the reaction I was getting to a project
Three, is be kind to youself. This isn't selfishness, it is the strong foundation that will allow you to see moments of kindness and be present. This is often overlooked but exceedingly important if you are going to give of yourself and lead a lifestyle that promotes that.

I am offering a short video of Thich Nhat Hanh: @Google Talk. He is a zen master who spent a day at the google complex teaching mindfulness, which is a sort of 'free form' type of meditation. his is part of a talk he gave.

If you'd like to hear more about that day a google, click n the link -,interested for more, well you know what to do - Thich Hnat Hanh 

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