if there's kindness, there must be an anti-kindness. stands to reason. and in our ongoing excavation of kindness (and i use excavation on purpose because it feels like we're on an archeological dig) we seem to find it in this sorry, wary world. 

well over the last few days, i've experienced a strange anti-kindness- the type that comes from the anonymity of the internet. sure, you can chat with someone around the world but in fact, the person might be around the corner.

anyway, this week on a poetry site of all places i ran across a bloke from wales that was as ornery as buzzing bees. and i unfortunately whacked the hive. 

and out spewed an amazing amount of bile and anger. I asked a question, simple and it could have been answered yes or no, and he took great umbrage, not to the question i asked but just seemingly to the thought of being questioned. so the personal remarks started, then the remarks about what i write and then the threats, which were laughable, he being in wales, me being in ottawa. but he said something like 'you're really getting on my nerves, you better watch out, you're really pissing me off.' now i wonder if his bravado would have been brandished so purposefully had we been face to face.

it’s an example of cyber-bullying and this is what our kids are subject to - an omnipresent, anonymous, hurtful anti-kindness. it goes to show that anything we invent someone somehow will figure a way to use to hurt someone. if anyone deserves a little kindness these days, it’s our kids.

maybe what we need is kindness day, as stupid as that sounds. but if we all did one small act of kindness on one day, i wonder how the world might be changed.

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