Ok it's March, near the end, and a time for a little update on my march of kindness. Has it been tough, I have to say a qualified yes. A lot of folks just don't trust someone who is doing something without expecting any thing in return. And I realize that's the way our society works and how we've bought into. Capitalizm and competition rule the day. Getting over on your competitor isn't always a good thing. To me it fosters greed, selfishness, and the type of banking/government many of us are now protesting. 
Hank, my favourite buffalo, has a buffalo perspective on this from which I think we can learn a thing or two. So take it away Hank.

First, I'm just a buffalo. I find people don't have much respect for buffaloes. Oh sure, they call us majestic, we'e even on coins. Woopee!. They think we're dumb beasts. We don't know calculus or spell very well, fact not at all. That's not important to us in any sense. We have a philosophy that has guided our herds for centuries even when we getting slaughtered for no particular reason but we were there and the white man had guns.
We survived as did our way of life.
It's simple - a little goes a long way, sometime to think is always good, it is what it is, so accept it. Okay that sounds like 3 elements, but they all work together. 
You won't see a buffalo trying to move a large stone because he believes there is a nice path. We find or create another path by moving smaller stones with relaxed perseverance. It's easier and safer and we make sure we're going in the right direction. Also, we aren't we trying go so fast. As long as there's grain, we're pretty happy and we offer other buffalo, not to mention cows and horses and sheep to join us.
They rarely do, so we carry on.

Point well taken. Hank is one smart buffalo.

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