just about getting ready to drop this kindness act and go on with my life ignoring others. except i can’t seem to do it and i really don’t want to.

but i’ve seen an ugly side of some people that makes me cringe that i’m in the same species. but alas, i have thumbs and walk upright.

so i’ll fill you in on the plan i had and what happened. i thought i would dedicate part of this website to giving stores, businesses, other community organizations and local artisan. i wasn’t asking for any money, it wasn’t advertising for me; it was a to community area. now i know there are other groups out there doing almost the same thing.

however, most people i talked to couldn’t wrap their head around what i was doing – offering them something for nothing. most were skeptical to say the least and somewhat politely declined. others said they were interested and would get back to me. they never did. a few people signed on right away but i can count those on one hand.

so it flopped. this is disturbing and saddening for reasons i’ve laid out before. of well, so be it. I’m going to clean out my closet and donate to the salvation army  


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