Ok, it’s Sunday. For me, for many years, it’s meant a morning run.
    However, when you’re in my position, which is essentially without work, or if you’re a buffalo, you forget this Sunday is the middle of a long weekend.
    The Victoria Day weekend is odd and funny for two reasons:
    It marks summer’s arrival. In Ottawa, this is very noticeable – boats start lolling down the Rideau Canal and a couple of major roads are open only bikes, roller bladers and others on Sunday mornings.
    These are good things.
    Or people with cottages or weekend places (some nicer than their homes) work like hell to get them ready for the summer. Then report back to office on Tuesday, “Yep out at the cottage this weekend.”   
     Not good things.
     But for me, Sunday mornings are set aside to run. This morning I was hoping or a pleasant 12-13 kilometre run. A final tune up. Next week is the National Capital Marathon weekend and, for me, the half-marathon. 
     This morning, however, was not a good run. It was laborious These things happen occasionally. I live with them. Get over them. The next day will be better. Usually it is.
     Someone asked this morning, why?
     Good question. Why do I run?
       1. A good run can be exhilarating. In many ways. 
       2. It can be extremely meditative, particularly when your body 

          goes on autopilot.
       3. The stride sometimes turns to a glide, which is like running on air.
       4. I’ve come back from a run with something close to 

          completely written.
       5. I’ve come back from a run and not known where I’ve been.
       6. A good run in extreme temperatures really can feel tremendous. 
       7. Sweating is always good. Well almost also.
       8. Times when I song on my IPod really hits me and i realize 

          I’m singing, loudly. 
       9. The little wave runners have as they pass, a slower version of 

           the Harley acknowledgement.
       10. I drink chocolate milk after.
     That’s about all. Oh, one more thing. 

     Some told me it’s good for me.

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