There's a first time for everything. And this is the first time I've reblogged something, the first time I've even considered it. This post is written by someone who lives with depression (not suffers from). Who has had her life dramatically altered. And has the courage to write about this disease.
     I know for my own experience with bipolar disorder and depression, the reality she writes about - the darkest shadows that seems to obliterate thought and desire. I hope that this will shed light on depression, which is also major factor in bipolar disorder:

Picture this. You’re trapped beneath a safety-blanket of duvets and pillows. The room is dark and silent. All you hear is your breathing; and sometimes you’re not quite sure if you’re really alive. It feels like you’re wrapped in a big, dark spider web; you know something bad is coming, but you don’t even want to struggle or escape. Days and nights pass in a blur of half-sleep and daydreams. Time ceases to mean anything. You can’t remember when you last brushed your teeth; and it doesn’t matter. There’s no reason to.

Suddenly, somebody comes stomping in, full of cheeriness and attempts to gee you up. They flounce over to the curtains and fling them open, pulling the nice, safe duvet from you and exposing you to the harsh, painful light. Your eyes sting. You haven’t seen real daylight in a while. You feel cold and naked; the act of stripping away a blanket is, to you, a cruel and unusual punishment. The whole world can see you now, and you’re scared.  Tired, anxious, weary and scared. You just want to be left alone.

This is why pointing out lovely weather is annoying and pointless.

Depression is a cruel illness. It strips you of your ability to care or relate to anything around you. It fills your mind with emptiness – a saying I never understood until I experienced chronic depression myself – and it’s all you can do to blink without giving up.     read the rest


07/17/2012 5:26am

I can relate myself to all this experience as i faced depression in my life and fought hard to recover from it. It is really brave to share all this thoughts over a post.


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