hi, it's us - and I use us in the sense of me or i. hank is no longer missing but he may be missing body or soul. he’s wandering the mystic trees of time, asking what it means to be a buffalo.  hey, we’re all entitled to a spirit quest.

let’s talk about some words and phrases that annoy, amuse or confuse me. connotations, denotations, semiotics and other big words to describe words fascinate me. not all words, a small fraction of them. still there are plenty to choose from.

i didn’t  grab these words from a website devoted to ‘word of the day.’ i did look at many, some interesting, some not. my favourite, from googling for 15 minutes, is wordthink. why? today’s word is myopia, meaning blurred distance sight, or, this is the good definition, not being able to see the big picture, no long-range planning. this word, in our times, is a state of being rather than a simple lack of planning. our world is a myopia and my myopia is more focussed than your myopia, which is just fuzzy and wrong.

a fine word. i like it and some other words wordthink has featured lately such as esoteric, insipid and precarious. these words are relevant to happenings around the world and you could use them in a regular conservation. you figure out what they mean and how to use them in one sentence.

some words and phrases that grab my attention.

i don’t mean to offend... immediately this raises big, hurricane-wind-blown red flags. anyone who says this, knows they’re about to say something offensive, probably insulting someone with arm’s reach. people sit, wait and cringe when the insulting comment is made. apparently, this disclaimer allows folks to say any offensive thought they think. wrong. (see also - I don’t mean to be rude, I don’t mean to interrupt, anything that starts with ‘I don’t mean to.’ yes, you do mean to.)

i apologize if anyone was offended by my statement... usually written by a media advisor of lawyer, this is incredibly insincere as it carefully dances around an actual apology. first, the comment is made; (usually the speaker is astounded that this private conversation became public – so what, it’s what you think), second, people are upset; third, the non-apology is issued. it doesn't really apologise for statement or the thinking behind it, but for you being offended by the remark. effectively, your reaction needs to be excused. this is like shooting someone and apologising because they weren’t quick enough to avoid the bullet you shot. 

bafflegab... a great word because it sounds so much like what it means. simply take it apart. you have baffle or confuse plus gab or chatter. master this skill and you’ll go far. most people won’t call you because they have a niggling thought that maybe the crap you’re spewing is right. say anything with conviction…such as ‘i really like coldplay, the lyrics are so spiritually moving’…enough times, someone’s going to believe you.

viral... our last word. this just rankles and crinkles my forehead into moguls. we all know what it means - ‘goes viral’ - becomes wildly popular, very quckly. this is used with youtube videos that are particularly dumb, fatuous and too long (they last more than the few seconds it takes to download them). a verb or adjective, maybe a noun (I have to think about that), viral is used in advertising – a viral marketing campaign relies on word of mouth. a viral video makes sense, make something go viral is iffy. however, goes viral has already gone viral. and I may go postal which could lead to me ultimately going viral. and remove the ‘r,’ that’s vial.

more words to come….

jack on his own.


09/21/2012 7:03am

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