hey, it’s me. feeling a little cranky today. a little wobbly, and part of this general malaise is the occupy movement. if you’ve seen any of the pictures from oakland, it’s inspiring and hopeful, but a bit frustrating. i imagine we’re not used to something this massive with no central leadership, so we see something is missing that may or may not be true. but from my vantage point (and when you’re in my vantage point everything becomes crystal clear, it’s like delphi with the oracle.)
     i perceive that occupy in canada lacks a compelling spokesperson, someone who can rally people to the cause and inspire them to recommit. because the canadian winter is coming and i'm certain many of those in tent cities or taking part in protests are going to rethink the way they support occupy. i don’t think they’ll leave the cause; they just want to be warm. and who can blame them. during winter, it’s one of my main concerns.
     however, from my own 18th floor perch, i hear no one voice that represents occupy. you might say ‘you’re nuts, there’re great speaker all across the country.’ i won’t disagree, many many canadians are learning about occupy, its importance. and it’s evident across the world – lima, tel aviv, madrid, vancouver. 

     without argument occupy has been a roots up organization and i hope that it remains so for the most part. however, so many disparate voices, lead to many different views about priorities. sure, they all might be fundamentally saying the same thing but different words muddle.
    when you have mayors and civic official complaining (or claiming?) that they don’t know who to talk to about occupy’s wintery accommodations, obviously some visible leadership is needed and it think a stronger communications presence is necessary. the main image or message of occupy can’t be just marches and rallies. those need strong messages to place them in the proper context. to accomplish this, i think you need 2 things for that: 3 or 4 concise messages – to end inequality at all levels of society, to bring an end to corporate greed and coddling, to bring the government back in-line with ideals of the citizens. that’s just off the top of my head, so not the occupy gospel. 2nd you need a spokesperson.
      my vote goes to dr. david suzuki, an environmentalist, a passionate champion of social causes and a really smart, quick-on-his-feet guy. i’ve seen him interviewed a few times, one in which he was blind-sided but did a remarkable job, and he knew the issues well, spoke eloquently but with a very positive passion and he was even a bit humorous, poking fun at the questions.
     maybe the folks at occupy canada are already organizing this. maybe they already have and i’ve missed it in the overwhelming stream of facebook posts that go whizzing through my computers. i still think if he hasn’t been contacted, it would be a very smart idea to bring suzuki on board. i can’t think anyone better situated or prepared for the tasks.
     i had a mind to talk about the debate, or as some see it, lack of debate about occupy but i’ll leave that for another day. oh and facebook, that’s another interesting element of occupy. so remind me, will ya

see ya, jack-with-a-feather


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