If you could be a prime minister or president of one country for a day, what would you? Maintain the status quo and guzzle up the free and expensive food and beverage. Would you spend the day going over the books to find who’s lying about what. 

Or would you exercise some foresight and make one or two decisions that would be irreversible for about 50 years (hey this is pretend). What legacy from your day in office would you leave for the generations to come?

I’ve been thinking about this lately and if I ever am able to scale the mountain of power to the peak, I have some things I could do in the morning and then go for a run in the afternoon. This is my list not in any particular order of value or practicality.

1) I would make it mandatory for all schools to offer physical education every school day.
2) I would make it illegal for any man to run for run for any office for the next century. 

     Hey we’ve had patriarchy for a long time and look how screwed up the world is. I’d 
     particularly have pregnant women (for as long as they can) in key posts like national 
     defence, social and cultural programs and the environment because they would likely have a 
     much longer-term vision that current politicians lack.
3) In fact, I would limit the time in office to 6 years which could be 2 3-year terms.
4) I would introduce representative by population as an electoral reform.
5) I would stop all development of the tar sands and all the oil pipe projects surrounding it.
6) I would institute tax incentives (serious ones) to encourage to the use greener transportation.
7) I would create a mass transit development program, subsidize municipal transit departments 

     and make city bus travel cheap.
8) I would offer substantial subsidies to companies involved in creating renewable and clean 

     anything (well except for munitions) and take away subsidies for companies who insist in 
     taking resources that aren’t renewable or clean out of the ground, and leave behind a 
     huge environmental mess.
9) I would take Canada out of NAFTA because our water resources shouldn’t be used to 

     grow grass in a desert region like Arizona;
10) I would make higher education a right for all Canadians. 

That’s my list and it's more than 2 and I’ll probably think of a few others later on. Granted these changes won’t all take place over night, maybe never at all, and might take more than a morning to achieve. But at least I would get the ball rolling and perhaps others might see the world the same way I do.

More to the point, what would be on your list? Tell me, I’d like to know.


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