today, i was in a monty python mood. now, that’s not unusual – hank and i like to stretch out on a sunday afternoon and watch the  cheese shop or the argument (ok only python fans will get those references but that’s life). nor is at all newsworthy.
however, today on my way to a spiritual massage, i found myself singing – softly – ‘always look on the bright side of life.’ a song. certainly. funny. definitely. an attitude. why not?

a philosophy. maybe that’s pushing things a bit. 

however, in the monty python world, it's become a philosophy as much as it’s funny, especially in the context of the movie, life of brian, sung just before brian (umm, a stand-in for jesus, ) was doomed to death ultimately by being crucified. and he found in that bleak moment, this tune lifted his spirits – a clue for those not in the loop – brian has the misfortune of being born on the same day as jesus, lived next to him and then is mistaken for him.

‘life’s a piece of shit, when you think of it.’ everyone sing along.

why do we think this important? i had a conversation with a long-time friend out in calgary, alberta and we got to talking about the state of the world. his profound pessimism was not only quite shocking but very surprising. negative and not how i remembered him.
he saw nothing, essentially, that inspired a glimmer of sunshine amid the gloom. i pestered him with various questions about his job, now being outsourced – another great euphemism for you’re out of a job – to a foreign, cheaper country, the banking system. health care. alberta politics – admittedly an odd thing. his young adult kids. occupy. the canadian, oh excuse me, the harper government.

and he could find nothing, very literally, that  he saw as a positive trend or change that the future could hold. nothing he mentioned, maybe in his dreams the world is a utopia. when he wakes up, all he sees is wrong and dystopian. 
i can relate. a lot of us can relate. but hope is out there. hiding in nooks and crannies. hiding in independent shops that support local or international handcrafted shoes, clothes or jewelry. people who are moving forward in small ways, perhaps, installing solar panels or a  roof garden. 

you might have to look, peer around the media, but hope and positive ideas are out there.

my friend. i didn’t change his outlook, even with hank advising me at times.

i ended the conversation with him with this short thought.

“if you have children, you have to have hope.”


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