So there are those times, i've learned, when writing a blog is really just a big ass waste. And I accept that, I think, but Hank whole-heartedly believes in it but i remind you he's a buffalo and they have entirely different values when it comes to what's important and what's not.
Today I thought I don't have anything important or witty to say wo h would be a to leave the blog for something interesting, kind of important, at the very least, entertaining. But I open the computer after settling in my favourite coffee outlet and shazam, 3 stories jump out. So let's jump in. 
You may recall awhile ago, I wrote about a strike at the salvation army in downtown Ottawa. If you remember the essence of the work movement was a 23 cent increase in salary. Where I am sitting, I'm looking directly at the 'strike zone' and it's incredible. Maybe there are 15 picket carriers in front of a building with 4 entrances and about 2/3's of a block long. So there's not a lot of chance for a violent outbreak. But the place looks like a police zone. Hired securty are posted at every entrance and these are triple x boys, completely wired for quick response if a striker ventures too close to an entrance. Now with occupy on the move again, I'm trying to figure just who are the 1% in this ridiculous and I hope embarassing work stoppage.

Now let's travel down to Austin, Texas, home to the wonderful music festival South by Southwest or SxSW. A brave thinking global marketting company, BBH, thought we need wifi, like everywhere, and there are homeless people, like everywhere, so let's make the homeless people wifi carriers. These people were paid $50 dollars to where a mobile wifi unit and sport a t-shirt declaring themselves a 4G hot spot. A spokesperson for this company, who really should have just shut-up, recalled the utopian days of mailmen and newspaper boys. Really there's just a few things wrong with this dystopian vision. 1. most mailmen and newspaper boys had homes to go to. 2. they weren't working for a global company who are going to kick them to the already familiar curb right after the event and 3. this company actually believes their doing something to address the homeless issue. Bet it makes their company annual. Pretty clear who's the 1% here.

Now let's go a bit east of Ottawa to la belle province Quebec, where it seems the only sane people in Canada live. The government of Quebec ann    ounced that it will not build more federal prisons if the new Harpo crime bill is passed. Harper, the most intelligent man in the country just ask him, forgot that while the federal government passes law, it is the provinces that enforces them and, supposedly, builds new prisons to house new prisoners. Of course, in Quebec these debates are always a tug of war between the maple leaf and les fleurs des lis. This time I say Vivre le Quebec

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