Well a little more than a month since the last blog. Have i learned anything. A few things I suppose. 

It's not easy being friends when some undescribed torment arrives and neither can really figure out what that is. It's a sad thing but probably happens more often than we know. The question becomes how to resurrect something that is slipping away before it slips away forever. I take my share of the blame, in fact I probably deserve most of the blame. But when it feels like the world is crashing in on your head, I suppose it's difficult to be more than concerned and isolated about yourself rather than others. For this I apologize, as I must do.

I also wasn't kind as I would of liked this summer. Again that is something that just sort of a slipped away. The first person I wasn't kind with was myself. An no other kindness can really flow from that state. So my mission of exercising a more kind approach to humanity in general. However, I remain somehow committed to this, but must find a reasonable to jump start my engine. Amazing how quickly something can slip into the past if it's something that you let drift. I hope for better in the months ahead.

I read a book entitled 'The Now Effect' which made me wonder about my ability to actually put mindfulness into action in my life. Maybe this is a reflection of some personal turmoil that looms on my horizon. Hopefully, this will change and I can get back to focusing on each moment rather than counting the end of moments until these matters are resolved. Wish me luck, I hope that good luck will come to pass.

That's probably enough of an overview of my summer and my woes. Not a lot of fun and probably more than a little self indulgent. Sometimes a little self indulgence is a weight off my shoulders and that's about all the little nags of the summer.

Maybe. But there's still Enbridge to rail on about.

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