first, i'll step back so that hank can say what he needs to say. mostly, hello and he's not a figment of imagination like brad pitt in that horrible fight club (hey, that's one of my favourites - hank. yeah, you're weird - jack. you just gave away the most important part of the film - hank. who cares, it's a stupid movie - jack. you're stupid - hank. you're a buffalo - jack. you think you can understand me, so you're delusional - hank.) hank wins every argument with that statement. i don't know how to respond. 

oh well, he's lowing a lot right now - do buffalo low? he's making gutteral, i-need-to-belch sounds. but buffalo don't spell and they don't speak english. i can relay hank's thoughts. like that doctor in those vita bella videos. hank put together a visual interpretation of his life he hopes you will enjoy. pop some corn, have a seat, and learn something about this buffalo, hank's  - home slides (part 3)
my turn - this is my point. people who think that folks involved in the occupy movement are a bunch leftist, shiftless, pointy-heads, words i've actually heard, may want to scroll away. actually i have several points. i'm coming to think that maybe that's one of the beauty's of this blog. i (or hank) get to hold the feather and some of your time to just say what we feel needs to be said.

let's start with this. all those who are responsible for sending around newsclips from fox  or a variety of sources, that slam the people in occupy, rarely speak about the issues at hand, the movement or ideals that are behind it, always the people - another thing that makes me go hmmmm, should just CUT IT OUT. sure i could just not watch, a point has been raised, but for far too many people, these videos pass as knowledge and the banana heads chirping on as wise men. they need to be countered so i watch them.

they're not funny, they're childish and insult your intelligence, they're fatuously factless, make no salient points. they certainly aren't the beginning of a debate or even dinner. but they cast a nasty spotlight on your biases and close-mindedness. they're comments from people who know what they know and dammit that's all they need to know. people who somehow believe that they one day should be part of the 1%, so a little (or a lot) of injustice, inequality, homelessness, poverty... is ok because it doesn't involve them. it may just help them gain the right attitude as they toil away on the bottom rungs of the corporate ladder.

well, the sad news it that this is no joke, it is reality, and these natterers - them, me and you - are not part of the 1% (well i guess there's a small possibility that your dad or aunt is), we are part of the 99%. moving into that 1% is the equivalent of standing at the bottom of a mountain and leaping to the top. it just ain't gonna happen. you can dream of your better tomorrow or help change the nightmare of today. it's time to stop chopping down the weakest trees and take a look at the ever-growing forest. it's time to listen and learn, before making ill-advised, ill-mannered and make-me-ill commentary. 

we're not kids in the schoolyard, and you aren't the bullies and these people in kelowna or kalamozoo are not afraid. so to anyone who thinks it's witty to share these video clips, just take my name off your list of victims. or hank, my trusted buffalo sidekick, will come dance on your flowers. (that's not a metaphor for beat you up, he really likes dancing in flowers.)

i feel a bit better. i guess i have more somethings-to-say about occupy and the space it occupies than i realize. for instance, the parallels between this movement the arrival of punk music. next time.

jack and hank the buffalo

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