today, i was supposed to do what i said i was going to do yesterday – post the second part of my reborn infatuation with vinyl. well that will wait. 

the world won’t stop turning as occupy has returned less weary, less vaguely, to my thoughts. because i think - i believe - we still are revolving, evolving in a revolution. at the end, we might all be found. as equal. 

i think that like many others, the season of lighted trees and parcels unnecessary, occupied my time and thoughts like late night travellers, hurrying to someone else’s house for cheer, occupied the streets and the hours. perhaps, we thought – pragmatically? realistically? cynically? – that the occupy movement was faded and fated to background noise. 

a noise ignored. the light of scrutiny was bored with occupy. the message of the people stored in silos of empty dreams and deaf hearts of politicians on the run.  

but this evening, my understanding of what occupy means was restored. what it means to people who put their feet on the street, not the mouths that put their ties on to bleat at us. in five minutes. a video of patti smith commemorating martin luther king jr. day in the united states. she spoke. her words never more true, more honorable, more welcome. 

            people have the power. 


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