oh thursday, what shall we do?  

a few random buffalo bloggy thoughts that hank noticed while i was being called a 'fucking leftist.’ not just an everyday leftist, a 'fucking leftist.'

you’d think that you’ve really pissed someone off but probably not. fuck is today’s gosh-darn
thinking about being pissed off, young justin trudeau was a bit of a rude bwoy – not at all irie - when he called peter kent a piece of shit in parliament. good on him. maybe the wrong venue, but the right sentiment. all because the harper government wanted to stop opposition mps from attending the conference on the kyoto protocol, presumably, because they might oppose something. 
anyone who thinks that using shit in parliament is disrespectful should pay a visit during question period or even run-of-the-mill house business. (quick before the government prevents you) trudeau made his the comment too close to a microphone. his bad luck. 
away from the microphones, in the backbenches where the low-level monkeys wallop their desks and hurl feces (that’s shit) across the floor, the language is mighty colourful and the insults fly. and it’s a joke to them. entertainment.

or they could be asleep. the house is a good place to nap when an mp chats for 20 minutes about farmer fred  down the road winning an award for the biggest ass (that’s mule, not peter kent). or they might text one another dirty jokes. surf the net for the next flight home. 

decorum, bullshit. we should be worried about the decisions coming from parliament not a word uttered by a passionate  politician.

and speaking of trudeau. what’s with the hair on  his face? have a look.  

i don’t think there’s a word for that configuration. it’s
an anti-goatee. first, the guy has a great head of hair, makes 99% of men pray for just a little baldness so they have an excuse to let their scalp shine. now, he one-ups us with this design under his lip. 
but it makes me feel better about my porno-stache, a refugee from mo-vember.

today, i tripped through, i emphasize through, one of ottawa’s best-known malls to get to this little shop to do some 'kharm-erce.' i mentioned that people must not consider going to the mall going out in public, because frankly too many dress like shit. when did ratty, too-tight sweat pants become de rigeur in mall fashion? and women don't dress much better.

maybe we see the mall as a really big unfinished basement. or an extension of our houses.
i said this while gazing around this eccentric shop and the owner told me that canada is the third worst dressed country in the world. how do we, one of the richest countries in the world  dress as though we roll in dirt before leaving for the day?

except for les quebecois. they dress like they're going to the opera for a trip to the grocery store.
so i did a little research. according to msn travel, vancouver is the third worst dressed city in the world. because of yoga pants, which are way too revealing above the hips. particularly when a woman is bending over. i’ve seen too many ass-cracks, too many ‘whale-tails’ and too many pink or leopard skin underwear. and i don’t live in vancouver. 
which other canadian city ‘cracked’ the top 10? ottawa. not for the same reason. ottawa ranked eighth, well because it’s ottawa and nobody cares how they dress. bringing me back to my mall walk.
it also presents me with a real dilemma – i live in ottawa and i’m going to vancouver over the
holidays. hank thinks i should jump out of the airplane over saskatoon.


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