sometimes in your life, you get lucky.
sometimes in your life, you get lucky.
you get lucky and fate or light give you a moment of true grace.
you trade intuition for fact, allow whim to move logic down a few steps.

and then sometimes luck doesn’t seem right. everything seems right.
and a moment becomes forever and forever will always be that moment.
as we all have many forevers, many moments that transcend all else.
in a space, in a light, in a presence, in a time that is forever, and it will never be gone. no wind, no weather, no now, no new will replace it, will displace it, will overwrite it or dis-unite it.

this isn’t a blog but a memory, remarkable and genuine, at home and kind,
magic and human. 

this is a blog to remind us that everyone is part of what we are, that humans are humans wherever they are, wherever they come from, that we share experiences we thought only we knew.

my heartfelt thanks to Ursula Rucker and her many definitions, for being her words, for allowing others to share her words, for being in ottawa and taking us all away from ottawa for a long, short while.

now i know …a bit more about humans, about tragedy, about magic.

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