So I've been camped out in Vancouver for about a month. The question arises what is Vancouver all about? I dunno, I've only been here a month. But I have been here many times and it has that kind of home away from home 'je ne c'est quoi' for me. 

I guess that qualifies me to point out a few Vancouverish things that I have seen and remember. Though I don't really trust my memory, it makes things up if it doesn't have the real story handy. Odd but reliably unreliable. This is a list that I've picked up on and surely it isn't exhaustive:

1. Vancouver is one of the most physically beautiful cities I've been to. The mountains seem to rise out of the ocean. Parks and beaches are pretty much immaculate. Sunsets can be stunning. And it doesn't rain as much as outsiders seem to think. But it doesn't get hot here the way it does in the east.

2. Vancouver is a tattooed city. The most tattoos per capita in Canada but I'm just guessing here. People love to show them off, brag about them, explain them in great detail. I think a good tattoo should tell it's own story.

3. Culture and creativity seem to be generators that run Vancouver. Lots of artists, writers, musicians trying to break through. Aside from the touring acts that regularly pass through Vancouver, there are tons of record, as in vinyl, stores. So many in fact I can easily spend way too much time just browsing, purchasing just a few gems.

4. Vancouver has way too many people - well women - wearing yoga pants as a kind of ersatz reminder that Vancouver is filled with yoga studios These pants and tights are one of the main reasons that Vancouver was voted 3rd worst dressed city in the world (all apologies to those who eschew this anti-fashion style).

5. Vancouver chills, it doesn't sweat the details.

6. All Vancouverites know how to dole out the 'faux hug' - hardly any contact despite the requisite arms around you.

6. Vancouver has definite hippie attitude in some parts of the city and it is damn green both in scenery and the people's concern for their environment.

7. I still don't know if Vancouver has an actual summer as I know summer to be. Today for instance it's about 14 or 15 degrees and definite jacket and pants weather. In Ottawa from the end of May to the end of September I always wear shorts. That's a real summer.

8. Everyone should visit Vancouver should take an afternoon to just hang out in a cafe on Commercial Drive. It's worth the time.

There it is my month of impressions. Actually I have more but I had to stop sometime.

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