Imagine with me for a moment this scenario. 
     One day you wake up and you realize with unfailing certainty that this will be your last day of being. That all the tomorrows were never going to be. That your long term goals and dreams have been whittled down 24 hours – 1,440 minutes – 86,400 seconds. Similarly, the chance to see or talk those people important in your life had become a splinter of time.
     What would you do? Who would you reach out to? What would you say?
     Of course, I hope that this scene from a fictitious movie doesn’t become reality in my life, nor in yours. But it makes me, maybe you, stop to think. About the time I spent procrastinating instead of doing. 
      Time I spent idling while the world in its joy or sadness, its beauty or ugliness, its dignity or disgrace swirl around and past me. Times when a mere ‘how are you?’ which we use instead hello in most instances, could have been extended into a 10 or 15 conversation of substance and reality instead of the rote, ‘good, how are you doing?’ Time spent resenting or in envy, spent being angry or bearing a grudge. Time I spent trying be so lost that no one could find me.
       Time that is gone like an eyelash in a tornado.

       Make a list of people. Don’t think hard and long. Think spontaneously. 

       As I recently read, in the end the ‘p’s – prosperity writ large, property, position, power – do not equate to peace. Are irrelevant. Who you love and care for and how you do this, is real crucible in which life is measured. Profoundly simple yet so often low on our list of priorities. Perhaps, it doesn’t even make the list.

       In reality, today is the last today you’ll have. Until tomorrow blooms as another today and this day fades to the memory we call yesterday.
      If you agree with the premise or idea, the question is simple. Even if you think this a bunch semi-spiritual, new age malarkey, the simplicity of the question still may resonate.

      What are you waiting for?


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