Sometimes, fairly often lately, i've wondered what's the point of writing a blog, but then i look at some other blogs and think an awful lot more people should consider this. Of course in the big ole USA a blog is a way to make some moola. Which is kind of constraining in that you have to write about pretty much the same thing.

Not so here. Whatever our chubby little brains concoct ends up here. So these are things that should anger me but don't really.
1 - Dick Cheney staying away from Canada because of danger threats. I stood an applauded at this stupidity and was happy he was staying away. I was even happier that Canadians weren't going to spend up to $500 to hear his blather.

2 - Nickelback (what a dumb name) a great Canadian export. I should really dislike them. But when i can sing the only lyrics i know - hell they might not even be Nickelback - to every song they play that's a beautiful accomplishment. Raises bland to a whole new level.

3 - Sweatpants at the mall (in public) - this really aggravated me until a couple of weeks with my daughter and we began quietly began to have fun. Truly a bonding experience.

4 - Ass crack. I thought I'd seen enough ass crack for my existence. but this weekend, some nice weather and out popped the pearly white ass crack. Here, there and everywhere. Sort of like the weasel that tells us about how long winter will last. The first sign of the summer. I'll accept that.

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