phone call



i answered my phone

i was walking through 

an urban park, a field of snow 

surrounded by hoar-frosted trees

the phone vibrated in my pocket

the music stopped

the music didn’t start again for months


i didn’t see the oncoming shock wave

through the slowness of the falling snow


i moved the slider and heard

the foreign voice of a friend

whose name i didn’t remember

who said i have unfortunate news

to tell….


all i heard was pressure

pushing through my eardrums

whatever happened after

didn’t include me


then i was told:


winter was gone

spring was gone


i was surrounded by nurses and doctors

hospital beds and the straps;

that held me down,

so i wouldn’t break my own bones


months went past 

that phone call never ended

it severed my sense of time and place:


already fragile,


i can’t remember what the bad news was tho…