a photograph of him

the accumulation of

creating 22,000 yesterdays

and infinite tomorrows

shuttered his face


lines of a restless expedition

his lens of life 

he shared with me, me only



forever seeking

new angles of view

fields of depth

perfect chords and chorus




i remembered how 

i was changed by 

my first exposure to him

who became the nearest thing to god

i believed in

his foreigner-soul, artist pioneer aura

i was altered by his 

sound inventions and spectacular language

that said, it’s ok to be


he found grooves of musical alchemy 

striking rainbows of chrome metal music

as he butterflied into


ziggy stardust             

                                                  make a transformation as a rock and roll star

the thin white duke             

                                                  throwing darts in lover’s eyes

the man who sold the world     

                                                  you’re face to face with


decades passed

we breath differently

in changing universes

bowie’s face still-photo acid etched

an art work not waiting to be painted

his ch-ch-ch-changes reveal

rhythms of time only his

a synchronous heart that changed 

the beating rituals of my life

how i knew david bowie