the universe is punk. 


if you can’t do it,

do it anyway.

find your own way,

don’t look to constellations

for help.


leave the universe

to do what the universe does.

the universe breeds punk.

three chords.

cranking bass.

slamming drums. 

blitzkrieg attitude.

snarls of exploding star.


the universe needs punk.

not really sure what to dowith its anger and force. 

anger off the leash is rage.

anger directed is creation.

the universe is punk’s anarchy

it plays anarchy like the clash

and stakes its territory.


the universe screams punk.

no manifesto, no star charts

all directions, all the time

perfectly chaotic,

no beginning and in the end,

it somehow makes sense.


especially if there are planets

pogo-ing, flying elbows of comets.

the world is a mosh pit. 

punk universe - alternative remix